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VCL Pick of the Day
I've been very busy with work over the past couple of weeks, working hard to validate a new major revision of our software. I get home, and I barely have time and energy to do the extra-curricular stuff I need to do, an none at all to keep this up to date.

Still, I've found a piece on the VCL today that just has to be pointed out, it's so cool. This one by Starfinder:

It's a beautiful piece, to be sure. What's striking to me is the fantastic use of colour... Fox red/orange always goes nicely against green, I think. (Just look at the VCL logo :) The grass looks lush and organic, and the use of the subtle blurring as it goes off into the distance is great. The whole seen is a living, organic depiction of the lush English countryside, or something like it.

Really feel sorry for the poor foxy, with his damaged eye. *wistful sigh*.

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pwetty pic!! ish nice to see you alive Ch'marr kun!!


off i go


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