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Junk Mail: The war continues
One of my little personal projects is to reduce the amount of mailed junk-mail that I receive. At home, we used to get an incredible amount of junk-mail each day, easily drowning out the legitimate mail. I'm sure I've lost several pieces of mail, bills and the like, because they got intermingled in the junk and accidentally thrown out. Several months ago, I said "No More!".

Nowadays, every piece of junk mail I receive will earn the sender a phone call from me with a very stern request to immediately stop sending me mail. Of course, this is often impossible because of the 'long pipeline' that the junk mail goes through. I ask how long that pipeline is.

If I receive any mail after a 'reasonable time', then the sender earns themselves a Prohibitory Order through the USPS.

This is something I picked up from Junkbusters. You can use the Form 1500 from the postal service to stop mailers sending you any kind of mail. It was originally intended to stop pandering (sexually related) mail being sent to you, but a recent court decision has determined that it can be applied to any kind of mail. Page 13 of Postal Bulletin 21977 lays it all out: "Postmasters may not refuse to accept a Form 1500 because the advertisement in question does not appear to be sexually oriented." That's pretty cut-and-dry to me!

The law that supports all of this is Title 39 USC 3008.

So... yesterday, two victims have landed their Prohibitory Orders: At&T Broadband, who did not know how to remove my name from the mailing list ("Oh, don't worry, I've got a great way of finding out"), and PennySaver, who are still sending me mail after I told them "Stop!" over 4 months ago.

I wonder who the next target will be? :)

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*blinks* Daang dude... That's way more aggressive than I think I could be about junk mail. Of course, I don't have as much of a problem with it as you seem to.

Also, I think it's cool that you posted all those links and references and the like. I'm going to have to peruse those in a bit, it looks like good info to have in case it ever /does/ become a problem for me.

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