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VCL Pick of the Day
I've had a pretty good day, today, and I'm in the right mood to be inspired and fascinated by recent VCL uploads. Apols to all those people uploading good works recently, but I've ignored.

Today's 'Pick of the Day' comes from Dion Turner:

This one definitely wins points for the species. Not only for choosing an atypical creature to 'morph', but also for how well the anthropomorphism was done. The creature looks sleek, menacing, regal... just like real manta-rays, which are one of the coolest creatures I know.

Also, this is one of the best merging of artwork and photographs I've seen. Originally, I thought the background was penciled, but on second, or third glance, I don't think it is. This is how photographic backgrounds should be done... degraded and modified to a point that it's not 'looking better' than the drawing itself... and has the same feel and texture of the drawing. All around neat piece of work.

Lots of other good stuff in Dion's directory, too. Go check it out.

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You're absolutely right... that's bloody fantastic. O_o I haven't quite developed the eye for things to look at them for a /real/ long time but.... wow, this one is amazing. I think I have to write the artist and tell him (her? -_-) that I think they have some very impressive stuff.... which he/she definitely does, since I've been browsing about a bit and smiling quite a bit too..

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