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Journal: New bike!
Just thought I'd occasionally use my LiveJournal as an actual journal! On Friday, I picked up my new (from second-hand parts) bicycle, and I'd thought I'd write about it!

Back in Australia I used to cycle almost everywhere. I didn't own my own car; if I couldn't cycle, I'd take public transport. If I couldn't take 'Pee-Tee', I'd get a lift, or borrow my roomie's car (thanks, folks, to all those that helped... I'm passing the favour on, to be sure!).

When I moved to the United States way back in April 2000, I instantly went shopping for a bicycle, since I didn't bring mine over from Australia. And... my... were they expensive! I was looking for the same format as I had before... a strong, not-necessarily-light road bike. I was up for around $800, and that's $800 I didn't feel like paying for. Instead, I bought a cheepie from CostCo, a mountain bike, for about $200, thinking I'd use that while I researched my options.

Nearly three years later, and that mountain bike is all but driven into the ground. About two years previous a workmate gave me the number of a friend that put together bicycles out of his garage. We chatted a bit, but I must have gotten distracted, because I didn't follow though. Well, enough of that... I needed by bike, dammit!

And, now I have one. Its based on a Pinarello frame (I've been told that's good, but what do I know? :) and other new or newish bits and pieces. All up, cost me $500, and add on about $150 of accessories, and I have a new bike. Err... okay, so it cost me $650, but I'm happy, dammit! :)

Took it for it's first real workout today... cycled to a friend's place: 8 miles each way. The cycle to work tomorrow will be about 10 miles each way. We'll see what the odometer has to say :)

And, yes, I'm using miles on the odometer rather than kilometres. I used to be 'gung-ho metric' about everything; I even built myself a metric clock. However, when I started taking flying lessons - aviation uses just about every measurement under the sun for this or that - I just gave up on trying. I was hardly going to be flying in Russia, who DO use metric for everything, anytime soon. Now, I just use whatever's appropriate for the situation. I'm in the US, and miles is appropriate, as much as it offends that little part of me still.

Averaging about 16 miles per hour at the moment. I was hoping for more, but I'm quite out of shape... haven't cycled into work in ages... that has to change :)