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VCL Pick of the Day... it lives!
Okay... so I've been letting this thing stagnate. It's not that LJ is difficult to use, it's just that it's not part of my workflow. Okay, it could be a little easier to use, and perhaps I'll write a little utility to make posting VCLPotD easier.

But, now I've re-paid for my LiveJournal, and I suppose I'd better do something with it. And... what better thing to kick it into gear again than a VCLPotD?! Today's, the first for a while, is by Immortal Pain:

This reminds me of Roger Dean... the dark, moody tones with brief splashes of colour, heavy thick shadows, backgrounds fading into pastels as if looking through a thick mist.

Actually, it reminds me of an old-old Amiga Game called Brataccas. Perhaps not the game, but certainly the cover art, which was by Roger Dean. Found a page with it on here. And, as a piece of trivia, 'Brataccas' was a pseudonym I chose for myself in my university days. Why I didn't choose the name of the lead character from Brataccas (Kyne) instead, I don't know.