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VCL Pick of the Days: Catchup
Well, as I keep forgetting and re-discovering, it's actually quite a regimen to keep a journal updated. I solved part of the problem by keeping a bookmarks folder of the images that 'grabbed me' over time, but... not the second part of copying that data to the journal. Might have to write a tool to help me out with that, or something.

Anyway... rather than let my entire collection of bookmarks go to waste, I thought I'd do a 'big batch o' links' to neat, worth-taking-a-second-look-at artwork! First up is one that's been on the VCL for a few months now, but it was in my bookmarks... so... why not?

Artist: Stephanie Aloisio

This is a really neat combination of the smooth, soft pencil work that I love, as well as the neat integration of a coloured and textured background. Nice, subdued-moody feel to it.

Artist: Kyoht

If you don't know of Kyoht's work... where have you been? Under a rock? :) Really nice use of pencil work, great characterization and great scenes. Definitely worth looking through the rest of her pieces.

Artist: Nimrais

Again, some really nice use of pencil work. Once of the nice effects of pencils is being able to
create a 'fur-like' effect without having to actually attempt to draw fur; the pencils and texture
of the paper cooperating to give you some great texture. Having a really neat looking character doesn't hurt, either :)

Artist: Sara Palmer

This one was just too sweet to not highlight :) Okay... sugar high kicking in...

Artist: Andrea Koupal

Really lovely use of colour, here. Restricting the image to browns and golds giving it a great mood, and makes the green of Ozy's eyes really stand out. Oh, apparently, if your name is Ozymandias, you must have a top hat attached at all times :)

Artist: Khaytier

More great use of limited colour.

Artist: Orion Sandstorm

Great little concept of characters and scene, here. Note the interesting texture used to form the dragon's hide.

Artist: Leo Magna

Get your dose of big, burly lion men here! NIce dynamic pose and use of extreme perspective.

Artist: Ochodre

Although I'm very much a cat-guy (in both senses), it's great to see anthropomorphisations of different animal families, such as insects. Some really nice characterization here, as well as effective use of posterised colours and digital effects.

Artist: DracoXII

Too cute. Don't look :)

Artist: Erin M. Schmidt

Really neat dinosaur/dragon looking creature. But notably the canvas used has come out really nicely as a background texture, here. It's rare to have a texture scan and look decent.

Artist: Drakhenliche

A rather gruesome and feral piece. Great choice of colours to give this a dark mood even without the gore. It's great to see some deep emotion in people's artwork.

Artist: Amelia Stoner

Fantastic character design, here, and use of colour. Limiting the background and the main body of the dragonish character to reds, yellows and browns really makes the blues of the dragon stand out and draw the eye. The transparency of the wings has been very well rendered, too.

Artist: The Feline Canine

Exceptionally, wonderfully detailed pencil work.

Artist: Sara Palmer

Another from Sara Palmer. Nice pencil work on a great choice medium. Contrast with the sugar-high above :)

Artist: Andrea Koupal

Another wonderfully detailed piece from Andrea. The dragon's greens looking almost translucent and jelly-like giving this a great appearance.

Artist: Florence Wong

This was apparently an oekaki piece, and just goes to show that it's less to do with the tools, and more with how one can best extract results from those tools. The deep red eyes here are very catching.

And... that's it, for now.

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I'd like to submit this piece as a potential pick of the day! It's not done by myself, obviously, my style could never be that realistic, but it's soft and ambient like I've noticed you enjoy. Saw it in the recent uploads bank

Sorry, I dont take submissions for this... these are just pics that *I* happen to have run across that have taken my fancy. It's a totally personal thing, which is why this is on my livejournal, rather than the VCL.

I totally encourage you to run your own Pick-of-the-day thing, though... the more people that do that, the better things will be :)

Hehe oops, at least it's something you can enjoy looking at = D

omg hi Ch'marr i miss you <3<3 I love the things you pick for stuff. yeah they're all so gorgeous i'd never do anything like this! i mean.. as far as the incredibly detailed and awesome works displayed here. Yeah anyway I LOVE EMAIL ME <3

btw this is roux. O.O

Okay... this is your reminder!

Gonna post some more?

(yeahyeah. I know. your turn to nag me for not putting up stuff!)

Wow! I like these pics of the day you do! They give me a chance to see some art I may have stpuidly skimmed over too quickly while going through the Recent uploads.

Mrow. Hi Chmarr. Never really talked to you but um. *nuzzlefluffs*

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