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Cast Spell: Resurrection
Several kind people have been bugging me about getting my live-journal thing going again. Some have even made reference to the 'Pick of the Day' thing that I was running. That was VERY comforting to know that some folk liked that, either from the perspective of looking at artists they might have glanced over, or just wanting to know what I thought were neat pieces.

Also, I want a way to let my mum, who is, like, 10,000 miles away, a better view into my daily life. Livejournal I think will work very well.

And, finally, there's a HUGE project that me and Lance Rund are starting that will actually put the journal to a good, and federally mandated, use :) I'll elaborate in another entry soon. Got you hooked now, haven't I? :)

So... as part of my new year (where the 'year' starts January 5) resolutions is to pay a lot better attention to my journal. Stay tuned.

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Well, I really enjoyed the VCL pick of the day thing. <3
I hope your newyear will be a good one!

LYKE OMG itzza "1337 Ch33t0rz!!!" *shoves her mis-spelled button in yer face* XD

and I havent seen you since anthro-con :D *HUGS* Miss you and hope all is going well for you! yes and please do post more kitty-man ;) good to hear from you!

Woohoo! Regular updates once more!

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